ApoFlowEx FITC Kit

ApoFlowEx FITC Kit


FC (quality control tested)


The ApoFlowEx FITC Kit is designed for the differentiation of viable, necrotic and early apoptotic cells.


  • ED7044-1 Annexin V-FITC – 1 vial, 0.5 ml ready-to-use solution. Reconstitution is not necessary. The reagent is provided in stabilizing phosphate-buffered saline (PBS) containing 15 mM sodium azide. Enough for 100 tests.
  • ED7044-2 Propidium iodide: 1 vial, 0.5 ml ready-to-use solution in deionized water (0.1 mg / ml). Enough for 100 tests.
  • ED7044-3 Annexin V Binding Buffer (10 ×): 1 vial, 5 ml of 10 × concentrated filtration sterile solution (0.1 M HEPES / NaOH, pH 7.4, 1.4 M NaCl, 25 mM CaCl2 ). Dilute 10 × in deionized water before use.

Storage and handling

Store at 2-8 ° C. Does not freeze.

The product is designed for research use only. Diagnostic or therapeutic applications are strictly prohibited. The products will not be used for resale or transfer to third parties, either as a standalone product or as a manufacturing component of another product without the written consent of EXBIO Praha, a.s. EXBIO Prague, a.s. will not be responsible for patent infringement or any other violation of intellectual property rights that may occur with the use of the products. Orders for all products are accepted subject to the Terms and Conditions available at www.exbio.CZ. EXBIO, the EXBIO logo and all other trademarks are the property of EXBIO Praha, a.s.

Fluorescein derivatives are the most common fluorescent reagents for biological research due to their high absorption capacity, excellent fluorescence quantum yield, and good water solubility. Fluorescein-based dyes and their conjugates have several performance characteristics that can facilitate or limit use in certain applications. Fluorescein screens:

  • A relatively high rate of photobleaching
  • Fluorescent signal that is sensitive to changes in pH
  • A relatively broad fluorescence emission spectrum
  • Fluorescence quenching in conjugation with biopolymers

We offer a wide range of fluorescein derivatives and conjugates, as well as a series of high-performance fluorophores with enhanced characteristics for labelling and detection.

High-performance alternatives to fluorescein

  • Fluorescent conjugates

With nearly identical spectral properties and quantum yield to fluorescein isothiocyanate (FITC), Invitrogen Molecular Probes’ Alexa Fluor 488 dye produces brighter, photostable conjugates. These conjugates are ideal for imaging and other applications that require higher sensitivity and environmentally insensitive fluorescence detection.

  • PH monitoring

For pH control, Invitrogen Molecular Probes pHrodo Green dye is almost non-fluorescent at neutral pH and emits intense fluorescence in acidic environments. Unlike fluorescein, the dye’s minimal fluorescence at neutral pH also eliminates the need for wash steps and quenching dyes because any non-internalized dye will be essentially non-fluorescent.