PEIMAX-Transfection Grade Line

PEIMAX-Transfection Grade Line

Transfection degrees of plasmid DNA purity

Molecular grade plasmid isolation technologies are generally faster, more cost-effective, and are best suited for robust applications such as cloning, nucleic acid labelling, PCR, and sequencing, where high levels of purity are not required. Our GeneJET Plasmid DNA Purification Kits are best suited for the isolation of molecular grade plasmid DNA.

Transfection grade plasmid purification technologies can be used for applications that demand higher purity and higher yields than molecular grade plasmid DNA. Our PureLink HiPure Plasmid Purification Kits and PureLink Fast Low Endotoxin Plasmid Purification Kits produce the highest yields and lowest endotoxin levels required for more sensitive applications such as standard cell line transfection and in vitro transcription. Transfection grade plasmid DNA is also suitable for all molecular grade applications such as cloning or sequencing.

Advanced transfection grade plasmid isolation technology is suitable for the most sensitive applications, but can also be used for all transfection grade and molecular applications. Our PureLink Exp endotoxin-free plasmid purification kits offer rapid purification of endotoxin-free plasmids (<0.1 EU / µg) on ​​a large scale that is ideal for transfection of sensitive cell lines (i.e. primary cells) and in experiments. alive (research on gene therapy, microinjections and vaccines).

The reality of endotoxin levels and transfection efficiency

  • The myth

Endotoxins in purified plasmid DNA can decrease the efficiency and viability of transfection in all cell lines and require “endotoxin-free” plasmid purification (<0.1 EU / µg).

  • Scientific reality

Only high endotoxin levels (> 10 EU / µg) have been shown to negatively impact transfection, protein expression and viability in standard cell lines. Sensitive applications, such as primary or stem cell transfection, and other in vivo applications require endotoxin-free plasmid DNA (<0.1 EU / µg) .1

  • Our solution

The low endotoxin levels (0.1 – 10 EU / µg) produced by anion exchange plasmid purification systems, such as the PureLink HiPure and PureLink Fast Low Endotoxin kits, are ideal for most transfection applications. For the most sensitive applications, advanced transfection grade endotoxin-free plasmid DNA (<0.1 EU / µg) is recommended.